Activists respond to state request to stay order to deliver bottled water in Flint

Nov 24, 2016

Michigan officials are fighting a court order to start delivering bottled water directly to some Flint homes.

But local activists say that water is needed now, even as the case is appealed to a higher court.

Earlier this month, federal judge David Lawson ordered the state and the city of Flint to deliver cases of bottled water to homes without working water filters.  The filters are needed to screen out lead in the drinking water.

Now the state is asking the judge to stay his order while it appeals to the US 6th circuit court.   State attorneys say the order would be an expensive burden.

But on Wednesday, the ACLU, the Natural Resources Defense Counsel, Flint’s Concerned Pastors for Social Action and activist Melissa Mays asked the judge to deny the stay request.