After 40 years, Arts Council of Greater Grand Rapids coming to an end

Oct 18, 2011

The Arts Council was founded in 1967 to help support arts organizations in West Michigan.

“We’re recognizing the changes,” Exectutive Director Caroline Older said about financial problems facing arts organizations, “We’re making a positive change for the Arts Council, even if it does mean that it comes to a close.”

Older says the recession compounded with state cuts to arts programs forced the non-profit to consider all of its options. She says the council realized it couldn’t be sustainable anymore.

Older says the Arts Council will turn all of its assets into grants for arts organizations it helped foster. She expects that’ll take between 6 and 18 months.  

Here's an excerpt from a press release issued today.  

Since 1967, the year of its founding, the Arts Council’s mission has been to support arts and cultural institutions in the greater Grand Rapids area.  Members of the board and staff are in the process of developing several grant programs that will allow them to distribute the Arts Council’s assets in a manner that is consistent with its mission.  Caroline Older, Executive Director, notes, “We look forward to sharing information about our grant programs soon and to having a significant impact on the arts and cultural community through the Arts Council’s spend-out.”

The specific grant program(s) information, including the range(s) for award(s) will be announced as soon as the criteria are completed and the information has been shared with our members.