Another contractor admits guilt in Detroit corruption probe

Oct 14, 2010

A suburban businessman has pleaded guilty to a felony as part of the federal government’s investigation into a bid-rigging scheme that involved a close friend of Detroit’s former mayor.

Brian Dodds is a subcontractor from Howell, west of Detroit. He told a federal judge he submitted an inflated bid for demolition work on a public housing project so that Bobby Ferguson’s company would appear to have the lowest bid.

Ferguson is a close associate of former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick. He was indicted on charges including money laundering last month in connection with his 12 million dollar bid for work on the project.

In return for Dodds’ fake bid, he got a 300-thousand dollar subcontract from Ferguson.

Dodds faces up to six months in prison and a five-thousand dollar fine. He’ll be sentenced in January.