Christian book publisher Zondervan downsizes in Grand Rapids

May 14, 2011

75 workers will be laid off from Christian book publisher Zondervan’s distribution warehouse in July of 2012. Zondervan currently employs 325 people.

Scott Macdonald is president and CEO of the Grand Rapids-based company that publishes Bibles, children’s books, and Christian authors.

“We’re a family. We have a long history and heritage (in Grand Rapids). This is a significant impact on our family but it’s one that’s driven by a changing business climate and it’s the right decision for us at this time because of that.”

Macdonald says Zondervan’s parent company, HarperCollins, will streamline their distribution to a single location. He says the move will help Zondervan sustain its business in a fast changing industry.

“This is a hard decision and it’s one we’ve made after lots of thought and consideration. It’s does affect people. And at the same time it’s the right thing to do for our business.”

Zondervan’s other 250 employees will not be affected.