Court orders Troy to hold special mayoral election

Dec 13, 2012

Troy is starting plans for a special mayoral election in May. Judge Denise Langford Morris has ordered the city to hold a special election in May to replace recalled Mayor Janice Daniels.

Troy officials had wanted to hold off on the election until next November.

Fred Woodhams is with the Secretary of State and says “We do think this is a win for Democracy and voters in Troy, and certainly Secretary of State Ruth Johnson wanted voters in Troy to be able to cast their ballot and choose the next city mayor.”

He continued, “from the start the department’s position has been city voters should choose who the next Mayor is.  It should not be an appointed Mayor in the interim until a full term would be decided by voters in November.”

But Troy’s City Attorney has cautioned that a special election could snowball for the city.

Any council members who might run for the office would have to resign from the City Council first-- opening seats that would have to be filled before their terms would otherwise expire.  

A time table will now be finalized between city officials and the Secretary of State for the May 7th election.

- Chris Zollars, Michigan Radio Newsroom