Detroit judge agrees to city tour, but asks for security precautions

Jun 27, 2014

Credit Sam Beebe

The judge in charge of Detroit’s bankruptcy case tentatively agreed Thursday to tour parts of the city—despite concerns about his safety.

City lawyers have been pushing Judge Steven Rhodes to take a city bus tour for some time now.

They say the judge needs to see the conditions in Detroit neighborhoods firsthand, to help him make informed decisions in the case.

But some city creditors objected to the idea, calling it irrelevant and prejudicial.

Rhodes said the idea has merit, but has expressed concerns about security.

He asked that details about the tour remain confidential, and said those issues need to be worked out before he formally agrees to the plan.

Lawyers representing Detroit and its many creditors are hashing out all kinds of issues in court right now.

Judge Rhodes needs to rule on a number of things before a trial on Detroit’s bankruptcy restructuring plan can start in mid-August.

Rhodes also warned city officials against leaking the results of the ongoing vote on Detroit’s plan of adjustment.

Last month, emergency manager Kevyn Orr announced that most city pensioners seem to be voting yes.