Detroit schools chief talks about the future

Dec 20, 2010

Detroit Public Schools Emergency Financial Manager Robert Bobb “has a busy few months” ahead.   Bobb’s contract with the schools expires in March. Governor-elect Rick Snyder has said he’ll extend it through June.   Bobb was dealt a defeat last month when a Wayne County Circuit Court Judge ruled Bobb overstepped his duties by implementing academic plans.   Bobb says he’s now “negotiating” with the elected Detroit school board in an attempt to come up with a compromise.  

“With respect to the judges most recent decisions…as to whether or not we’re going to challenge that decision in the Court of Appeals…we’ll make that decision sometime during the holiday season. So January’s going to be a very busy month for us.”

  Bobb says he’s also still pushing for legislation in Lansing that would have the state assume deficit-ridden school districts’ red ink.   Bobb says if that legislation doesn’t work, he’ll put forth an amended budget plan for Detroit schools that includes more school closings and teacher layoffs.