Father of Kalamazoo shooting survivor: Family seeks privacy during daughter's complicated recovery

Feb 24, 2017

File photo: A makeshift memorial near one of the shooting scenes in Kalamazoo near a Cracker Barrel restaurant.
Credit WMUK

This week marked one year since a mass shooting in Kalamazoo County. A part-time Uber driver, Jason Dalton, is facing charges. The shooting spree killed six people and seriously injured two others. One of the injured is teenager Abigail Kopf.

Gene Kopf​, Abigail's father, joined Stateside to talk about his daughter's recovery.

"When you've had a major injury like that, asking me how she's doing is almost impossible to answer," he said. "She's had several surgeries and she just had a plate put in to repair part of her missing skull."

Still, Kopf said it's "so far so good, but it's early." 

The family stayed away from the memorial service for the victims this week "because we like our privacy," Kopf said.

"We all know that unfortunately, there's a whole spectrum out there of journalists and so-called journalists, and not to mention, just downright kooks who have nothing to do with the media," he said. "And unfortunately, when you're in the limelight, all of those appear."

For the full interview, listen above.

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