Federal court website in Detroit may (or may not) be the latest victim of 'hacktivists'

Jan 28, 2013

A federal court website in Detroit may be the latest victim of a hacking campaign by online activists.

The group, Anonymous,  has claimed responsibility for several attacks on government websites. The group is opposed to online censorship and other government intrusions.

Rod Hansen is the spokesman for the eastern district court. He says technicians are checking the Eastern District of Michigan's U-S Probation Office website, after media reports that hackers installed a destructive ‘video game’ on the website.

Hansen says it’s unclear if the website was actually hacked.

“Just in case, we did take the website down temporarily,” says Hansen, “but as soon as they are able to investigate thoroughly and see what may have happened…or may not….then it will be brought back up and business as usual.”

Hansen says no ‘sensitive information’ was accessible on the website.