Flint residents might be eligible for more health benefits

Jul 19, 2016

Some Flint residents may be eligible for more healthcare benefits than they thought.

According to the "Care for Flint" campaign, the expansion of Medicaid has changed the income requirements for some services. 

"Care for Flint" is a collaboration of non-profits, churches, and grassroots organizations trying to find solutions to the ongoing water crisis.

Jamie Gaskin is the CEO of United Way of Genesee County and he says helping people understand their healthcare options is the goal of the campaign.

"The idea is we're really trying to push resident engagement to make sure residents understand the services and benefits that they qualify for," Gaskin says.

"The water crisis has really spurred on the need for people to make sure that they have a medical home, and that they have medical coverage to really monitor their health moving forward," he says.

Gaskin says it is important for Flint residents exposed to lead contaminated water to have long term health care.