Flint restarting "Fast Start" lead service line removal program

May 26, 2016

Flint’s mayor is moving forward with the next phase of the city’s lead service line removal program.

Damaged service lines are suspected of being a prime source for lead in Flint’s drinking water. But to date, only 33 lead service lines have been removed from Flint homes.  

However, Flint Mayor Karen Weaver says the city is starting the process of hiring contractors to replace hundreds more. She says the requests for proposals will be posted tomorrow.  

Weaver expects the next round of her Fast Start program will begin in about a month.

“We know it’s important for people to have new infrastructure and be able to turn on their taps and get some clean water … that’s always been the goal,” says Weaver.

Flint is still waiting on tens of millions of dollars from the state and federal governments to pay to replace up to 15,000 service lines in the city.