Flint water criminal cases being 'consolidated' for 'judicial economy'

Aug 9, 2016

A judge has agreed to consolidate the criminal cases against eight defendants related to the Flint water crisis.

Genesee District Judge Tracy Collier-Nix agreed to consolidate the criminal cases.  The cases involve current and former employees with the departments of Environmental Quality and Health and Human Services. The ruling only applies through the preliminary exam phase.

A spokeswoman with the Michigan Attorney General’s office calls the move “procedural”.  AG office spokeswoman Andrea Bitely says, ”All cases were consolidated for judicial economy.”

Many of the same witnesses and exhibits will be used against multiple defendants.

The 8 defendants face a variety of charges, including misconduct in office and willful neglect of duty. 

A ninth defendant, former Flint city water supervisor Mike Glasgow, has agreed to cooperate with prosecutors. He agreed to a plea deal back in May.