Flint's emergency manager wants to get mayor and city council more involved in budget and transition

Jul 17, 2013

Flint’s emergency manager says it’s time to begin the transition back to local, elected control.

Flint’s been under a state-appointed manager since December 2011.

Mike Brown is starting his second stint as Flint’s emergency manager. He says the tough decisions have been made, and Flint is on a path to solvency. Brown says now it's time to involve the mayor and city council more in budget decisions.

“I have been sitting down with council and the mayor since I came back on to really talk about that process,” says Brown.

State officials would have to approve the appointment of a transition board, which could see Flint out of state receivership. Flint is still dealing with a multimillion-dollar deficit and hundreds of millions of dollars in unfunded liabilities, for things like employee pensions and health care.