Forget a modest increase, tuition might jump significantly at Wayne State

Jun 25, 2013

We've heard about the tuition increases for other public universities in Michigan.

Tomorrow, the board of regents for Wayne State University will vote on that school's increase.

David Jesse over at the Detroit Free Press reports it could be a big one:

Wayne State University will ask its board for major tuition increase on Wednesday, WSU President Allan Gilmour told the Free Press today.

Gilmour declined to say what the rate would be but said it would "well higher" than last year's 3.88% hike.

“We considered tuition increases into the double digits,” Gilmour said. “We thought if we are going to be shot for high tuition increases we might as well be shot once and not have to do it again next year.”

He also said the university will increase its financial aid budget significantly.

By "shot" Gilmour is referring to a loss in state funding. If the regents approve a tuition increase that is more 3.75%, the school would lose some state funding.

Michigan legislators have been trying to keep tuition hikes in check by penalizing schools that go above their threshold.