Getting to know the Upper Peninsula, one post office at a time

Nov 23, 2015

Post office in Kingsford, MI
Credit Lucy Blair

Even in these days of email, Skype and FaceTime, we all know the purpose of a Post Office: to sort and deliver “snail mail.”

But Lucy Blair wanted to dig deeper. She and her wife Lina wanted to know what story the post office building tells about the community, and the people who depend on it.

The two set out to photograph each and every post office in the Upper Peninsula.

After more than four and a half years they’ve completed their journey, and tell the story in their new book Post Offices of the Upper Peninsula.

Blair tells us that the project was born of a desire to simply learn more about the U.P.

“So we decided to go to every town in the U.P. and for us it felt like the most definitive way to do that would be to see every post office,” she says.

She tells us about their journey in our conversation above.