Gov. Snyder wants to build a relationship with President-elect Trump

Nov 22, 2016

Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder declined to endorse Donald Trump during the election. (He didn't endorse any candidate for president, according to our It's Just Politics ​team.)

And the Associated Press reported that Gov. Snyder referred to Trump's comments about women as "revolting and disgusting."

But now that he's "President-elect Trump," it looks like Snyder is ready to build a relationship with him.

Paul Egan of The Detroit Free Press reports Snyder said this to reporters at an event in Lansing honoring state employers that hire veterans.

"I look forward to building a relationship," because “I want to have good relationships at the local, state and federal levels, because we serve the same citizens," and "shouldn't we try to find ways to work together to give them the best outcomes possible?" Snyder reportedly said ... 

"Snyder said he’s only met Trump once and “I’ve not been to Trump Tower," where the president-elect has been holding a series of meetings with potential candidates for high-ranking jobs in his administration."