Grand Rapids Superintendent highlights good test scores, warns of state-wide drop next year

Mar 31, 2011

In Grand Rapids, school administrators are marking the 6th straight year students have done better on the Michigan Educational Assessment Program. But Superintendent Bernard Taylor says that will probably not be the case next year.

“Many of the students who are proficient this year, will not be proficient next year.”

That’s because next year the state will raise the standard for what is considered a passing score on the test. State leaders say raising the scores will make sure students are prepared for college or job training after high school. Taylor is not against the change. But he says it will impact every district in Michigan, even those who haven’t really had problems meeting academic standards in the past.

“I want to make one thing abundantly clear, this is not a Grand Rapids Public Schools problem. You are going to see the same conversation be held with superintendents, some of my colleges who’ve never had to stand before you, and really explain changes, significant changes, in achievement rates.”

Students in Michigan’s public schools are doing better in math and social studies. Reading scores from the test, taken last fall, fell or remained flat. Click here to see how your school district did.