Gubernatorial candidate El-Sayed will "take whatever steps necessary" to prove he's eligible to run

Feb 1, 2018

Dr. Abdul El-Sayed, former Executive Director of the Detroit Health Department
Credit Bridge Magazine

It looks like Dr. Abdul El-Sayed will comply - grudgingly - with the Michigan Democratic Party's request that he get a court ruling saying he's eligible to run for governor of the state of Michigan.

El-Sayed's initial response to a recent Bridge Magazine article questioning if he was eligible to run for governor was to attack it as politically motivated.  He said political insiders were trying to eliminate the best candidate.

However, five election attorneys told Bridge there were serious questions whether he was a "qualified elector" for the four years preceding an election for Governor, as required by the state constitution. 

That's because even though he is a native Michigander, he lived and registered to vote in New York between 2012 and 2015.

El-Sayed's campaign now says, "We’ll take whatever steps necessary to put these shameless political attacks to rest."

The Michigan Democratic Party says a court ruling at this stage on El-Sayed's eligibility could avoid a costly and lengthy court challenge that would divert attention away from the issues.