Howes: Trump's promises to Rust Belt workers won him the presidency

Nov 10, 2016


“The Rust Belt revenge.”

That’s how Detroit News Business columnist Daniel Howes views the Election Day surprise that put Donald Trump in the White House and secured both Houses of Congress for the Republican Party.

In Howes’ view, the Rust Belt vote came together as a many-throated cry of “Listen to us!”

“This part of the country has been maligned for a lot of years. In the state of Michigan specifically, in the last eight years, or so, we’ve gone through the bailouts and the bankruptcies … and [seen] a parade of people coming here and lecturing folks here on how they need to live and how they need to approach life,” Howes said.

“It gets a little old over time, and I think people have finally said, you know, we’re an important part of the country too, and all the decisions don’t need to be made … by a bunch of moguls.”

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