As Isaac gets closer, Michigan Republicans party in Tampa

Aug 26, 2012

Isaac is coming, but for Michigan’s delegation to the Republican National Convention the parties go on.

They used to call them ‘Hurricane parties’.  People getting together to have a good time as one of nature’s most destructive forces bore down on them.   They can now change the name to 'Republican Hurricane Parties.'

As  Isaac churned its way north, Michigan’s delegation to the RNC went ahead and held their planned governor’s reception at the Florida Aquarium.   

Governor Snyder hosted a reception for more than 300 people at the Florida Aquarium this afternoon.   He downplayed the distraction of Hurricane Isaac, while not downplaying the potential danger of the storm.

“I think all will work out fine.  Hurricanes are very serious matters.  The nice part is we don’t have them in Michigan,” joked Snyder, “But the fact of the matter, everyone is flexible and resilient. There’s a job to be done here. And it’s going to be done well. People are excited about Romney being our nominee.”

The Republican Party canceled most of its first day convention events.

The Republican National Convention will try to get back to its official agenda on Tuesday.

In the meantime, Michigan delegates plan to continue enjoying the other reason why people go to political conventions.