It’s fall – time to put away the lawnmowers, the weed whackers and … the goats

Oct 3, 2016

If there’s an unwanted thicket in your backyard, you know getting rid of it isn’t easy.

Mike Mourer (left) and Doug Mourer (right) with the goats
Credit Lindsey Scullen / Michigan Radio

Bushes, shrubs and invasive species can be in hard-to-reach places. And beating down the weeds once, with bobcats or brushcutters, doesn’t mean they won’t sprout up again later.

That’s why father-son duo Mike and Doug Mourer of Twin Willow Ranch have been working their way around southeast Michigan with goats in tow.

They call their service “all-natural brush clearing.”

We visited the goats while they worked on a backyard in Milford – their last job of the season.

“There’s only a few ways to clear certain areas of ground, where you can’t get bulldozers and stuff like that in, or just tractors in, just the ground’s not suitable for it,” Doug Mourer said. “People don’t want to use chemicals, because it’s bad for the ground and stuff. And they don’t want to use burning – it’s just unsafe. So the goats come in and do their job and that’s why they use them.”

Listen above and watch below.