It's too late to dump Trump from Michigan's ballot

Oct 10, 2016

Some Republicans are calling for Donald Trump to step aside as the Republican presidential nominee, but that would not remove his name from the ballot in Michigan.

It’s simply too late to remove Trump’s name from the ballot, says Michigan Elections Bureau spokesman Fred Woodhams.

"There’s nothing in law to allow the Secretary of State, or anyone else, except a judge, to change the ballot," says Woodhams.

Woodhams says absentee ballots have already been finalized and mailed, which means voting has effectively begun in Michigan.

Lieutenant Governor Brian Calley has rescinded his Trump endorsement and says he’ll write in vice presidential nominee Mike Pence, but that vote won’t be counted unless Pence files an affidavit that he’s running a write-in campaign for president.

Calley is the only Michigan Republican candidate or elected official so far to reverse his endorsement of Trump. Governor Rick Snyder and Congressman Fred Upton are among those who previously declined to endorse the Republican nominee.