Kalamazoo and Muskegon Heights tell residents to keep water running this winter

Dec 29, 2017

Credit user william_warby / Flickr http://bit.ly/1xMszCg

Some West Michigan residents are being advised to keep their water running this winter.

Kalamazoo and Muskegon Heights issued frozen water advisories this week.

In Kalamazoo the advisory was issued because the pipes between the city water main and people's homes are freezing.

Muskegon Heights’ website doesn’t specify what the problem is, other than saying the advisory aims to avoid frozen pipes.

Residents in Kalamazoo are being instructed to keep water running at a pencil-size stream 24 hours a day until April 1. Muskegon Heights residents haven’t been given a timetable for the advisory.  

Signs that your water is freezing are rusty or cloudy water, extremely cold water and low water pressure.

Muskegon Heights will credit residents whose water bills show unusually high usage. It is unclear if Kalamazoo will do the same.

For more information visit the Kalamazoo Department of Public Services website or the city of Muskegon Heights website.