Lead levels in Flint tap water continue to decline, according to new testing

Dec 2, 2017

Credit steve carmody / Michigan Radio

The latest testing shows lead levels in Flint tap water continue to decline.

The Department of Environmental Quality's George Krisztian says the latest testing shows lead levels at about five parts per billion.  That’s well below the 15 parts per billion federal threshold.

Speaking to the Flint Water Interagency Coordinating Committee on Friday, Krisztian said Flint is getting to the point where the system has recovered.

“There are individual homes where the premise plumbing might have some issues,” says Krisztian, “So we are encouraging residents to get their water tested.”

Testing on homes where crews have replaced lead service lines with copper pipes shows even better results. Homes in the 90th percentile tested with two parts per billion. Homes in the 95th percentile tested with 3 parts per billion.

Krisztian says internal plumbing and fixtures is likely the source of lead in those homes.

Flint’s pipes started leaching lead into the drinking water after improperly treated water from the Flint River damaged the pipes.