Lessenberry: Bernero crashing Snyder's town hall was "politically brilliant"

Sep 15, 2010

Michigan Radio's political analyst Jack Lessenberry says Democratic candidate for Governor Virg Bernero's crashing of GOP nominee Rick Snyder's town hall meeting on Monday evening was, "politically brilliant."

Bernero and Sndyer's campaigns have been unable to negotiate a series of debates between the two candidates. So, Bernero, in what some political observers described as a political-stunt, showed up at Snyder's event on Monday evening in Westland. "Snyder also handled it extremely well... rather than being petty or ignoring him, Rick Snyder invited him on stage... and answered questions together in a sort of impromptu debate," Lessenberry explains.

Alas, Monday's meeting did not garner any compromises over if, and when, there will be debates between Snyder and Bernero.