Lessenberry on Las Vegas shooting, term limits, vanity license plates, and Count Day

Oct 4, 2017

This week a man shot and killed at least 59 people from his hotel window in Las Vegas. Detroit city councilwoman Janee Ayers has since suggested the idea of banning rifles in hotels facing large public spaces. Governor Snyder said this week that the shooting was a reminder of the importance of being vigilant at Michigan's large venues – for example football stadiums and Ford Field.

Senior news analyst Jack Lessenberry talks to Michigan Radio's "Morning Edition" host Doug Tribou about whether this most recent incident could lead to major changes to gun laws. 

They also discuss term limits for state legislators, a proposal that's now on hold for a new Michigan license plates that would benefit charitable foundations of the state's pro sports teams, and why Count Day for Michigan school's is only two days.