Lessenberry: MSU/Nassar settlement, marijuana legalization, Macomb County clerk

Apr 25, 2018

There are now more than 300 women and girls who claim former sports doctor Larry Nassar sexually abused them, according to their civil suit attorneys. This week Michigan State University and the victim’s attorneys returned to mediation to try to come up with a settlement.

As Michigan Radio's Kate Wells reported, that settlement could include a request for more leaders at MSU to resign, or a fund to prevent future abuse. 

Michigan Radio’s senior news analyst Jack Lessenberry tells Morning Edition host Doug Tribou what he wants to see in a settlement deal.

They also talk about a Central Michigan University’s decision to bar reporters from a journalism class featuring two controversial speakers, the campaign to legalize recreational marijuana, and a state senator’s decision to join the race for Macomb County clerk.

Read Lessenberry’s commentary on state Senator Steve Bieda's run for county office.