List of Michigan politicians targeted by recall campaigns

Jul 12, 2011

The Michigan Public Radio Network's (MPRN) Laura Weber says there are close to two dozen recall efforts in total across the state.

But some recall efforts are more organized than others.

The following 15 politicians in Lansing are facing recall petitions that have been approved by local election commissions:

If petitioners successfully collect enough signatures, recall language will be placed on November ballots.

Then the question of whether or not a politician should be recalled will be left up to the voters.

Most of those targeted by the recall campaigns say they're not paying attention to the campaigns.

Successful recall campaigns are rare. The last time it happened in Michigan was in 28 years ago.

From the Detroit News:

Sitting lawmakers have historical odds on their side. The last successful recall was in 1983, when two Democratic senators from southeastern Michigan were voted out of office for their votes on an income tax proposal.

The editor of Inside Michigan Politics, Bill Ballenger, told MPRN's Laura Weber that it only takes one successful campaign to startle politicians:

"I don't think it's even a question so much of how many recalls there are, the question is just scaring the living bejesus out of all incumbents thinking no one is safe, they're coming after us, and it only takes one recall successfully completed," said Ballenger.Here's a list of Lansing