Macomb County officials approve $6 million in additional sewer fixes

May 8, 2017

Macomb County wants to prevent another sinkhole from opening along 15 Mile Road in Fraser. That’s why it will spend more than $6 million to reline the interceptor drain underneath it.

The Macomb Interceptor Drainage District Board voted to make improvements to the drain while the sewer bypass is still being used for the construction project to fix the sinkhole that was discovered last Christmas Eve.

An engineering team hired by the county has inspected the pipe and claims it's in poor shape.

The drain would be lined with a Hobas pipe, which is a fiberglass resin thick enough to prevent cracks from forming in the pipe.

Candice Miller, Macomb County Public Works Commissioner, believes time is of the essence in relining the pipe.

“If we don’t move very quickly on this, we will for certain have another sinkhole and a sewer collapse at some point,” Miller said.

Miller says the construction project is still on track to be finished sometime this fall, and that the roads should be repaved by late November.