Man lands in Detroit after swimming 22 miles with a ton of bricks

Aug 7, 2013

He very well may be the first shark in Lake St. Clair -- and certainly the first one hauling a ton of bricks.

Long-distance swimmer, motivational speaker, and Michigan native Jim Dreyer -- who calls himself “The Shark” -- finished up a 22-mile swim today from Algonac to Belle Isle. But just in case the swim across Lake St. Clair wasn’t enough, Dreyer raised the stakes on his charity swim for Habitat for Humanity: The Shark is pulling along two dinghies holding 2,000 pounds of bricks.

Dreyer was expected to finish his swim yesterday, but his journey took a day longer than expected.

A post on his Facebook page said he was in good shape as he finished up his swim:

And I am sure most of you figured out he has been swimming over 48 hours, non stop!! Making all long distance open water swimmers proud!! Making Pure Michigan proud too.

In a post-swim interview, Dreyer said the bricks he hauled symbolized the rebuilding of Michigan.

"What I really wanted to show is that even though there' s lot of financial pain in the state of Michigan, and nobody's felt more pain that the city of Detroit," said Dreyer. "By pulling these bricks, I wanted to show that we can pull together and pull ourselves up."

- Melanie Kruvelis, Michigan Radio Newsroom