Mayor to outline plans for Flint's primary and backup tap water source

Apr 16, 2017

This week, Flint Mayor Karen Weaver will outline her plan for the source of her city’s tap water.

On Tuesday, Flint’s mayor will be joined by federal, state and local officials to release her recommendation for the City of Flint’s long-term primary and back-up water sources.

The city of Flint currently gets its tap water from the Great Lakes Water Authority.  But it’s also under contract to get untreated water from the Karegnondi Water Authority.

Deciding on the city’s long-term water source involves juggling expensive decisions, including upgrades to the city’s water plant and paying for water until it's ready. 

The Environmental Protection Agency has been leaning on Flint to make a decision for months.  

Residents will have a chance to weigh in on the mayor’s recommendation at a town hall meeting Thursday.