Michigan population creeps up, you now have 9,883,359 neighbors

Dec 20, 2012

Michigan's population had never dropped until the 2010 Census.

That year, Michigan was the only state to actually lose population.

Today we hear news that the state's population is once again growing, albeit slowly.

The Michigan Department of Technology, Management and Budget say U.S. Census numbers show Michigan's new 2012 population estimate is 9,883,360.

More from the Detroit News:

The population gain was 0.1 percent, just 6,559 to 9,883,360, but it was the first gain since 2004. Unemployment rates in the state forced hundreds of thousands to seek work across the country.

Births exceeded deaths in Michigan this year by 22,500, which are down from 2011, but the state saw an increase in immigration and a decline in the net loss of residents to other states. The state lost nearly 33,000 people to other states, down from 42,000 the year before and a high of 109,000 in 2008.