Michigan Republican Party chair on selling the GOP in solidly liberal Detroit

Nov 5, 2015

Credit migop.org

This week, Michigan Republicans marked the second anniversary of their outreach office in Detroit.

The concept of selling the GOP in solidly Democratic Detroit, and opening an outreach office there, came at a time when more Republicans on the national level called for the party to be more inclusive, to reach out to African-American and Hispanic voters.

Currently, there are no African-American Republicans serving in the state Legislature, in Michigan's congressional delegation, or as directors of the state departments in Michigan or in major stateside offices.

Two years after Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky came to northwest Detroit to open the office, we wanted to see what Michigan's Republicans think about the outreach effort. Has it been a success or failure, and what kind of response has the team been getting from Detroiters?


  • Ronna Romney McDaniel - Michigan Republican Party Chair¬†