Michigan residents shouldn't worry too much about the Zika virus

Jul 13, 2016

Most people in Michigan don't need to worry about the Zika Virus.

That's what the Ingham County Health Department wants to tell the public through their informational campaign about the virus. The department's campaign hopes to eliminate unnecessary fear of the virus in Michigan.

Linda Vail is the Ingham County Health Officer and she says the only people who should be concerned about Zika are pregnant women since it has been linked to birth defects in babies.

"Just like the other things that you'd discontinue doing during pregnancy, traveling to Zika virus-infected countries is really not advisable," Vail says.

Vail adds that for most people, the virus is a mild illness.

"It's a very, very mild illness that resolves very quickly, generally on it's own," Vail says. "So it's like getting a cold for a couple of days."

Vail says the virus is much more serious in other countries, so if traveling, be cautious.