More than just a college course, the humanities can bring us together

Jul 6, 2016

Early last year we announced on Stateside the Michigan Humanities Council's pick for the 2015-2016 Great Michigan Read: Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel.

Mandel sat down with us in February 2015 to talk about her fantastic futuristic novel set in post-apocalyptic Michigan. 

Shelly Kasprzycki is the executive director of the Michigan Humanities Council. Of books chosen for the Great Michigan Read so far, she told us Station Eleven is "probably the all-time hit."

"Because of its theme of arts, humanities, survival, it's amazing how much it appealed to all age groups and really ... was just a huge hit here in Michigan," she said.

Kasprzycki joined us to talk about the humanities scene in Michigan and how the arts and humanities work to bring people together. 


Shelly Kasprzycki is the executive director of the Michigan Humanities Council.