New book "How to Live in Detroit Without Being a Jackass"

Nov 30, 2015

Aaron Foley, Detroit writer and critic.

People who feel drawn to a comeback story are moving to Detroit bring their narrative and point of view to what the city is all about.

But sometimes these narratives and views of Detroit come from outsiders. 

Writer and critic Aaron Foley decided it was time to give the visitors and the newcomers a dose of Detroit realism.

His new book pretty much says it all: How To Live In Detroit Without Being a Jackass.

“Detroit is unique where you have to look back to the history of Detroit to connect the dots to where we are now, like why the city is what it is, why we ended up in bankruptcy in the first place and you can’t ignore that,” says Foley.

In his book Foley share lots of good basic information -- names to be familiar with, popular events broken down helpfully by season, Detroit neighborhoods, car lore, and classic Detroit foods from Better Made Chips to Vernors, and more.

He also tackles some really nuanced and important issues in chapters like: How You Should Be Talking About Detroit and How Not To Offend People When Talking About Detroit.