New hope for federal funding for proposed light rail line in Detroit

Aug 21, 2012

U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood met with Michigan officials today to discuss the development of a regional transit authority to oversee a light rail line in Detroit.

Creating the regional authority is key to plans to get federal money to help build the proposed Woodward Avenue light rail line.  But legislation to create the authority is stalled at the state capitol.

Secretary LaHood says he discussed the need for the legislation with Governor Snyder and legislative leaders.   He says he plans to hold another meeting with Michigan lawmakers next month.

“I believe within the next month or so…we will be able to make some announcements,” LaHood said today, “But we’re making a lot of progress.”

The Woodward Avenue light rail line has an estimated cost of more than $130 million.  Supporters hope to get $25 million in federal grant funding for the proposed 3.4 mile long light rail line.