No wheels in the Motor City? New website seeks to help

Jun 6, 2014

Credit Shawn Wilson / Wikimedia Commons

In spite of its nickname, the Motor City has well-known transportation problems.

A large proportion of Detroiters don't own cars, and buses are notoriously late and overcrowded.

Now, residents have a new option.

It's a website based on a platform used at colleges, called detroit.ridepost.com.

Debra Rowe heads the Detroit Green Skills Alliance, which works on sustainability issues.

She convinced the person who created the platform to donate it, and says it will be useful for all kinds of people.

"It could be somebody who's working in downtown Detroit and they have to commute back and forth. So that person could use it. Somebody who's in the neighborhoods of Detroit, where the buses are late, it's for them as well."

The website is set up so that people can accept and send payments if they want.

It also connects to social media profiles so users can look one another up.