Nuclear regulators to discuss security issue at Fermi 2

Apr 14, 2014

Federal regulators are holding a private meeting with officials from DTE Energy today to discuss a security issue at the Fermi 2 nuclear power plant in southeast Michigan.

DTE officials are meeting with federal regulators today. The security vulnerability was addressed immediately after it was discovered.
Credit Nuclear Regulatory Agency

Details are scarce, due to security concerns.

But Viktoria Mytling with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission says an issue was discovered during a security assessment that showed vulnerability.

“Specifically, this vulnerability would have allowed unauthorized or undetected access into the plant – to the protected area of the plant,” Mytling said.

The protected area is the fenced-in property that requires a security check for entrance.

“It does not mean access to the reactor,” Mytling said.”It does not mean that you would even get near the building just because there's so many security checkpoints between the fence and the reactor building.”

The issue was fixed immediately after it was discovered.

An official with DTE Energy, which owns Fermi 2, declined to discuss the matter because it has to do with security measures.

“However, I can say that corrective actions are in place to ensure full security of the Fermi 2 site,” said Guy Cerullo via email. “U.S. nuclear energy facilities, including Fermi 2, are among the most secure industrial sites in the country. We are confident that our security force, physical barriers and security systems at the plant – along with the coordinated efforts of federal, state and local agencies – provide strong safeguards.”