Online shoppers shifting focus

Dec 28, 2011

An Ann Arbor-based consumer research firm says there’s been a shift in people’s online shopping habits. 

Ann Arbor-based ForeSee asked more than eight thousand online shoppers about their satisfaction levels with 40 of the nation’s top web retailers.   ForeSee released its 7th annual Holiday E-Retail Satisfaction Index today.  

Larry Freed is Fore-See’s CEO. He says Michigan retailers should take note that product quality is now more important to more online shoppers than price. Freed says in the depth of the recession price became a top priority for people shopping online.   But this year’s survey shows product quality moving back ahead. 

Freed says Amazon topped the annual survey’s list of the most popular online retailers.  Netflix took a big tumble in the survey. Freed blamed shoppers dissatisfaction with Netflix on the company’s numerous missteps in 2011, including changing its pricing.