The race for Michigan governor reaches its final hours

Nov 3, 2014

The long campaign for Michigan governor comes to an end today.

Gov. Rick Snyder (R) and Democratic challenger Mark Schauer

The candidates are making one final push before voters have their say on Election Day on Tuesday.

The candidates for governor are both trying to build momentum heading into tomorrow’s election.

“I’m going to leave no stone unturned," Democrat Mark Schauer told reporters on Sunday
Credit Steve Carmody / Michigan Radio

Democrat Mark Schauer spent the weekend riding in a recreational vehicle, traveling from city to city, from the Upper Peninsula to Jackson. He says it’s a “blitz to the finish”.

“You never know which voter might make the difference,” Schauer told reporters before a campaign event in Saginaw on Sunday. “I’m going to leave no stone unturned.”

Like Schauer, incumbent Republican Rick Snyder spent the weekend on the campaign trail. Sunday morning he met with former Gov. Bill Milliken, before attending a series of campaign events intended to rally supporters.

Gov. Rick Snyder spent the weekend campaigning with other Republicans.
Credit Steve Carmody / Michigan Radio

“You ought to be supportive of them,” Snyder says of his campaign volunteers, “and I really appreciate that hard effort … and it’s going to make a difference.”

Both men will be busy today. 

Gov. Snyder is making a half dozen campaign stops. 

Challenger Schauer has seven cities on his campaign itinerary today.