Renovations to Cobo Center may steal the spotlight at the auto show

Jan 12, 2013

The North American International Auto Show in Detroit kicks off on Monday with preview days for the international press.

The show opens to the public next Saturday.   One of the highlights this year may not even be a car.

Auto show vice chairman Bob Schuman is pretty confident that everyone who goes to the show will be talking about the new Corvette, Chevy's top of the line sports car.   But they may also be talking about the ongoing Cobo renovation. Cobo has a new atrium that opens up the convention center to a view of the river and the Windsor skyline.

“And I had the opportunity yesterday to stand in it for the first time, and it has a glass ceiling and glass walls, and its absolutely beautiful,” says Schuman. 

Part of the Cobo renovation will still be under wraps. Cobo Arena, where the Pistons used to play, is being converted to a massive ballroom.