Rep. Mitchell makes case for tax reform, won’t commit to clean debt ceiling bill

Aug 31, 2017

President Trump's tax speech in Missouri Wednesday gave him a chance to throw down the gauntlet to Congress:

Congressman Paul Mitchell, a Republican from Michigan's 10th district, wrote an op-ed piece in the Detroit News this week spelling out his thoughts on why tax reform matters.

One of Mitchell's main arguments for reform is the benefit of simplicity — that the House Republican tax reform plan will make the system, and filing taxes, simpler. 

"I think the core is that the majority of Americans, probably 90 percent of them — the working middle class like my dad who built trucks on the line, and my son's a police officer — they can fill out their tax return every year on a five-by-seven card because it keeps the individual deductions down to a couple of simple deductions," Mitchell said.

"They would increase the family deduction, or family income deduction, or tax deductions, significantly. What that means is they keep more money in their pocket every week to raise their families, pay their bills — things that make a difference every day."

Listen to Mitchell explain further why tax reform matters in his conversation with Stateside above.

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