Snyder: Legislation to overhaul Detroit schools coming soon

Sep 28, 2015

Credit Mercedes Mejia / Michigan Radio

Governor Snyder says plans to overhaul Detroit’s education system should get moving in Lansing soon.

It’s not clear exactly what will be in those bills.

But in the past, Snyder has floated a bankruptcy-style plan for the debt-ridden Detroit Public Schools.

“I’ve talked about an old co(mpany)/new co(mpany) kind of model, to leave the debt with the old co(mpany), and let a new school district move forward with significantly reduced debt loads,” Snyder said today, referring to corporate restructurings such as General Motors'.

But that tentative scheme has drawn heat from a number of lawmakers, including many Republicans.

They say it would subsidize Detroit schools at the expense of others around the state.

Snyder has proposed “some transition” back to local control of Detroit schools.

But that might not happen for at least several years.