Stateside 8.15.2018 | Michigan Radio

Stateside 8.15.2018

Aug 15, 2018

Today on Stateside, the state of Michigan gets smacked by a federal appeals court for denying juvenile lifers credits for good behavior. Plus, how a Detroit woman took her family's secret hibiscus tea recipe and became the first black woman with a beverage manufacturing plant in the country.

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Trump-endorsed candidate Bill Schuette picks lieutenant governor once critical of president

Demand to kill cormorants grows in Great Lakes

In 1910, Michigan governor faced pressure to censor “match of the century” for fear of race riots

A federal court rebukes AG’s office for denying juvenile lifers good-time and disciplinary credits

Detroit native went from “lemonade girl” to business leader with family’s Jamaican tea

Rosie the Riveter becomes "real-life superhero" in new children's book