Tax increases affecting more Michigan residents

Feb 16, 2013

LANSING, Mich. (AP) - In the height of tax season, many Michigan residents owe more money to Lansing.

Some major income tax changes approved 21 months ago by Gov. Rick Snyder and lawmakers are just now starting to hit taxpayers filing their state returns.

Homeowners and renters used to qualify for a credit if their household income was no more than around $83,000 a year. Now they don't get it unless their total household resources are $50,000 or less.

A state tax deduction for children is gone. So is a special exemption for seniors.

A refundable credit for low-income workers was reduced. Legislators also eliminated credits for city income taxes, college tuition and charitable donations.

The changes were included in an overhaul that cut business taxes and also started taxing pension and retirement income.