University of Michigan testing water for lead and copper on Ann Arbor campus

Jun 29, 2016

The University of Michigan says it's testing the drinking water on its Ann Arbor campus for lead and copper.

The school say it's just a precautionary measure, adding there’s no indication anything’s wrong with the water.

This kind of system-wide testing is becoming more common after the Flint water crisis.

Workers on campus will first test child care centers, and places where summer camps are happening, like athletic buildings and residence halls, according to U of M spokesperson Rick Fitzgerald. He says all testing should be done by September, with results publicly available.

When the University tested the water at its Flint campus, it says only one spot came back with lead levels above the federal action limit: it was a women's restroom in the Northbank Center. All the bathroom sinks in that building have signs above them warning people not to drink that water.