Walling, Buchanan to face off in Flint's mayoral election in November

Aug 2, 2011

Flint Mayor Dayne Walling easily finished first in Tuesday’s mayoral primary.   But the race for the second spot on the November general election ballot was extremely close.   

Dayne Walling says Tuesday’s primary vote shows Flint residents understand the challenges he’s struggled against during the past two years.   The city’s murder rate has soared. Flint’s budget is strained.   Still, Walling picked up nearly 50% of the votes cast in yesterday’s 7 way primary.  

"I’m very encouraged by the show of support from Flint’s voters.  This is a vote of confidence in my leadership and my team.”   

Walling will face Darryl Buchanan in November’s general election.   Buchanan, a former top aide to Walling’s predecessor mayor Don Williamson,  edged out businessman Scott Smith for the other spot on the ballot.