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Kellogg's cereal cafe puts nostalgia with modern twist on menu

Kellogg's wants to encourage people to get adventurous with cereal

Kellogg's of Battle Creek is taking cereal in a different direction.  A really different direction.

The company has opened a cereal cafe in Times Square, where for $6.50 (small) or $7.50 (large) you can order cereal from a menu that includes "Lemon Pistachio." 

That's a combination of Special K and Frosted Flakes, with pistachios and lemon zest and fresh thyme leaves on top.  With locally sourced fresh milk on the side, of course.

"The intent of it is to hopefully inspire people to reimagine what a bowl of cereal can be," says Andrew Shripka, Associate Marketing Director for the Kellogg's brand.  "Kellogg's has been around 110 years, and Corn Flakes, the first brand, has remained relatively unchanged in that 110 years.  I think there's a lot of love and nostalgia for Kellogg's brands and products. 

"So we wanted to take that love and nostalgia, and reorient it just in a more modern and interesting way for people...show them what they can do with cereal in the context of a restaurant, but hopefully in a way that they can take back home and do themselves."

But let's say - and this is crazy, I know - you're just not in the mood for a bowl of cereal.  The store will also offer soft-serve ice cream concoctions featuring cereal, like the one called "Life in Color." 

Credit Kellogg
Inside Kellogg NYC

That one comes with Froot Loops, passionfruit jam, lemon zest and marshmallows on top of soft serve ice cream.

(Note to self: add fresh thyme leaves and passionfruit jam to shopping list?)

Maybe not.  But Shripka says there's no reason an un-adventurous customer can't stop by the store for a familiar snack the next time they're in Times Square.  You can get your cereal plain with milk if you wish--or, if you're feeling a little frisky, go ahead and add fresh peaches, blueberries or strawberries to your bowl.

And if $6.50 or $7.50 seems like a lot to pay for a bowl of cereal - have you dined in Times Square recently?

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