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Stateside: Local funding assessed by Michigan Public Policy Survey


The following is a summary of a previously recorded interview. To hear the complete segment, click the audio above.

One of the major challenges local leaders face is providing services amidst dwindling budgets.

Today we spoke with Tom Ivacko from the Center for Local, State and Urban Policy [CLOSUP] about Michigan’s local services.

“79% of Michigan’s local government leaders told us that, even after the cuts they’ve been making, they’re still satisfied with the overall package of services they deliver,” said Ivacko.

Ivacko noted, however, that many leaders think their citizens remain satisfied.

“We asked local leaders how satisfied their citizens are and they think their citizens are pretty satisfied with the packages today.”

He then noted the property tax cap concern.

“One of the major issues is property tax caps. Even as property starts to recover, revenue for Michigan local governments is going to be capped at whatever inflation is.”

“58% of local leaders overall think that the system of funding is broken in the state. Among these leaders, overwhelming percentages think that each of the major parts of the system is broken,” said Ivacko.

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